Honda S2000 PN SC7072 F22C/F20C Dish Pistons by CP Carrillo 88mm Bore Sleeved Block

  • CP Carillo Pistons PN SC7072 are associated with two different engines the F22C and F20C that result in two different compression ratings as listed below. 
  • F22C C/R 8.4:1
  • F20C C/R 9.0:1
  • Pin Size: 23mm
  • Bore: 88mm
  • Rings are included with the Piston Set
  • CP Carillo Pistons are rated at 550+ hp. but here at Golden Eagle, we believe in overbuilding. If you plan on hitting 600+ hp. we would highly recommend the upgraded pin option.
  • PartNumber: SC7072
  • G.E PN: PCP7072

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