Honda / Acura Billet Intake manifold for B Series Block & P72 Vtec Head

Throttle Body Size

Golden Eagle Mfg. Intake Manifold information
-Designed using the latest CAD/CAM software for incomparable performance.
-Precision CNC machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum.
-The ORIGINAL billet manifold that has years of proven performance.
-Precision tapered runners for optimal flow and H.P. gain over the stock manifold. 

-Orders with the 8 injector option will come with an 8 port fuel rail.
-Call for more options. The intakes are designed to run Injector Dynamic ID1050 type injectors - 60mm length, 11mm adaptor for the top, and 14mm lower fitment size into the intake manifold. Pictures may not be exact versions of listed product. 

-For those seeking a daily driver or weekend warrior turbo application intake, the standard 4.2-liter intake with the standard 4 injectors and 74mm throttle body would be more than sufficient to support 400 to 700 hp. airflow requirements. 

-Now, for those in between a full-blown drag car and the ultimate street car, our 6-liter intake with the standard 4 or 8 injectors and 74mm to 90mm throttle body would be optimal to support 700 to 1000 hp. airflow requirements. 

-For the full-blown king-of-the-hill type all-out drag car applications, our 7.8-liter intake with the 8 injector fuel rail option and 90mm throttle body plate capacity would make an ideal choice for those seriously wanting to make new records on the track. 

Additional options available:
-Dual Fuel rails for maximum flow
-Custom throttle body plates for almost any throttle body design.


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