BRIAN CROWER STAGE 2 Honda K20A/K20Z CAMSHAFTS - Forced Induction Spec

The newest engine in the Honda tuning community. The "K Series" is Honda's mass-produced version of the roller rocker valve train assembly found in the S2000. With less friction, more RPM potential, and faster action cam profiles...this engine has untapped potential. First introduced in the JDM Integra Type-R in 2001, this engine put out a respectable 220HP @ 8000 rpm straight from the factory (DC5). The K20A also sees service in the JDM Civic Type-R, using the same compression and cam profiles. The first USDM production model was the K20A2 found in the 02-04 RSX-S. Other engines featuring the same head configuration include the K24A2 (TSX) which features a 9.114" deck height, and the K20Z1 in the 05-06 RSX-S which includes various JDM Type-R add-ons like cams, throttle bodies, higher compression, and Honda's answer to the tuning crowd, the K20Z3 found in the 2006-up Civic Si.

MFG PN: BC0041-2

GE PN: BC0041-2

CAM ADV Duration: 296°/300°

Duration at 0.50: 222°/224°

Lift (In): .520"/.497"

Lift (mm): 13.21/12.62

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