Brian Crower - Honda/Acura K20C1 - Pro H2K Connecting Rods BC6078 & BC6079



  1. Part Number Options:  BC6078 or BC6079
  2. Description: Forged 4340 Steel H-Beam Con. Rods (Set of 4)
  3. Hardware: 3/8 ARP 2000 Bolts or APR 625+ 
  4. Pin Size: 22mm - .866''
  5. C to C: 5.656'' 
  6. Housing bore: 2.008"
  7. Big end width: 0.782"
  8. Typical weight: 544g
  9. Bushed for full-floating piston pin
  10. Brian Crower H-Beam connecting rods are available in two options. The first option features ARP2000 hardware bolts, which confidently support builds up to 700 hp. Alternatively, the rods can be upgraded to the more robust ARP Chromoly 625+ hardware, allowing you to confidently run them in builds up to around 900 hp.

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