Advanced Seal Head Gasket - B Series Vtec



G.E. Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are perfect for high hp engine builds as well as daily driven. Our Advanced Seal Gasket, along with our LS/VTEC kit upholds the standards our customers have come to rely on over the many years that we have been in business.

- G.E. Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are stronger than OEM and other brands on the market. These Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are 0.033 thousands of an inch thick after crush/installation. They also work perfectly with our Copper ''O'' ring option in our sleeve service. When combined, a superb fire barrier is created that turbo combustion chambers need in high hp applications.

-Made from the highest quality pre-coated stainless steel/MLS to insure excellent seal properties. Individual Die-cut layers of stainless steel are manufactured with a + or - tolerance of 0.001 Thousands of an inch.

-Cylinder area is CNC machined to appropriate bore size and hand deburred.

-G.E. Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are specially made and designed with turbo applications in mind.

-Used on top winning race cars the world over from Import Drag Racing, Rallycross, Time attack and more.

-Dowel holes are opened on Golden Eagle B series gaskets to accept ANY B Series head/block combo.

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